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We source our genuine leather handbags and other accessories from some well-established vendors in Hong Kong. We focus not only on fashion and style but also on functionality and quality such as space, neatness, style and durability. The current brands we have, namely Butterfield, Made-in-Eden, Modern Heritage, Ril Creed, and Urban Forest all have their strong yet unique beliefs in fashion and design. Though relatively young, they are all very energetic, dedicated, and highly specialized. Their handbag collections are made with high-quality craftsmanship of the finest leather in the latest designs that are suitable for your active daily city life. Below are some brief introductions of these brands at


Butterfield is a popular Hong Kong fashion brand in our store, which is destined to devote to our passion towards the intensity of beauty and love, and it showcases a range of seductive reds, tender notes of petal pink and yellow, and lush botanical green in its product range. It encompasses a sense of freedom and freshness.

Lotusting ButterField Brand

It is preppy but quirky, demure but sexy, buttoned up but irreverent. It intends to foster the sort of optimism that everything is possible especially when it was a time of change and revolution. It is only natural perhaps when we look back on our past with such affection that we start to look forward to a brighter future. It tends to get a serious update with fun prints, different ways of styling and very bright colors. Its handbags are sexy but perfect for getting down to business.


Made-in-Eden is a leather craft label from the Garden of Eden, sincerely dedicated by their professional design team & experienced leather artisans, as a combination of creativity and craftsmanship.

Lotusting Made-In-Eden Brand

The label was officially launched by Antipear Company Limited, Est 1981. They try to design modern leatherware in response to the classic. To honor its commitment to high quality, all products are under limited productions that rely a lot on traditional handicrafts, as the best way to partner with our natural genuine leather.

Inspired by the traditional leather craftsmanship, particularly the WingTip and Tassels, Brogue pattern, and the very classic Scottish Tartan lining …. a series of very specific and detailed techniques, Made-In-Eden transforms and apply them into the modern design, and using the practical structural design to fulfill the versatile and changing demand in city life.     

As its vision statement says “The joy we found along every step of leathercraft process truly matters, sharing it with you will be our greatest satisfaction.”

Modern Heritage

As its brand name implies, Modern Heritage strives for classic elegancy with a modern touch, which synchronizes a mixture of classic, prestige, and elegancy with a contemporary beauty and love. In simple words, it is the epitome of chic sophistication. As a young fashion brand in Hong Kong, Modern Heritage mainly designs and produces genuine leather handbags, and is a place where high quality meets fine craftsmanship in every product of this range. All of its handbags, belts and wallets are designed and manufactured with love, passion and expertise.

Lotusting Modern Heritage Brand

Inspired by the classic Italian romanticism, Modern Heritage epitomize the glamorous undercurrent that runs through its product range, and is dedicated to the highest controlled global standards and outstanding product quality. They have delivered high quality goods consistently, specializing in leather products. Their sleek and polished goods are monitored and refined by the very experienced bag makers. Their expertise in the fine art of bag manufacturing will ensure the longevity of their products that builds towards a reputation for being durable under their polished exterior.

Urban Forest

Founded in Hong Kong, Urban Forest is another fashion brand in genuine leather handbags which seeks to connect us to the world outside our front doors through its various colors, types of leathers, and fabrics. It's about heightening our senses and opening our bodies and mind to new possibilities. Thus, it cherishes our life's experiences and the reconnection we seek with the earth and each other.

Lotusting Urban Forest Brand

While our digital lives attempt to link us, Urban Forest tends to reflect those connections through its epitomized design and style. It reminds us of the joy we feel in our spirit when surrounded by nature or a group of dear friends. It evokes the energy that flows through us when listening to our favorite music and singing out loud. It reignites the freedom felt when spontaneity takes hold and leads us to new adventures. When we live, we create valuable experiences and forgo the collection of things for the collection of memorable moments.